hi i'm ryn i'm agender and he/him and they/them pronouns are a-okay!!


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if you’re sURE„, i just don’t want you to spend a ton of money on me oh ma n especially when it comes to shipping„ „,


One day, a couple went out on a date. They wanted a little bit of privacy, so they drove to a mountain known to be a good spot for young couples.

A few hours later, the sun started to go down and they started to head home. Somehow they made a wrong turn and found themselves on a…

ah yes i have washed my hair it is now soft and ready for petting




omg the heart shaped ones sound so sweet

that is the way to my heart buy me valentine’s edition peanut butter cups

but yes yes omg if you get a chance you should totally send me some of those!!!

the y do puMPKIN SHAPED ONES???

oh mAN i didn’t know they did dark chocolate ones??? i’ve only really seen white chocolate versions once and they were hella expensive„ but i love white chocolate!! dark chocolate not so much, but it really depends on the brand?? idk if it’s convenient you can send some but i won’t complain if you don’t

in other news it’s too hot for this party i’m just gonna lie on the floor for four hours while everyone feeds me and pets me who’s in

oh and?? now that i’m sixteen i can legally change my name without my father’s consent and my mum said she’d pay for me to change it but i’ve been thinking of using felix for a while now??? one of my friends suggested it a while back and i like it a lot and a lot of people say it suits me

i mean people could still call me ryn as a sorta nickname but felix is the coolest

it’s strictly a male name though so if i wanted to change it to that legally i’d either have to do it without my mum knowing or come out to her beforehand„